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Check Up Centre

Check Up Centre
Check-Up; It is a general health check consisting of examinations and examinations in order to detect some diseases that may exist in a hidden form at an early stage in people without complaints.

Today's medicine aims to ensure that we stay healthy by taking the necessary precautions before diseases occur. Because prevention of all kinds of diseases is much easier and more economical than treatment. Some hidden problems can be detected by examinations and examinations in people who have no complaints. Preventive measures can be taken or the progression of diseases can be prevented by early diagnosis. Check-Up can be done at any age.


How is CheckUp done in Yüzyıl Hospital?

You need to make an appointment with the CheckUp Department.

Our specialist doctor examines you according to your age, height, weight, occupation, hereditary diseases, etc. and prepares a personalised programme.

Your appointments are made and you come to our hospital on an empty stomach the next morning and start your procedures.

An attendant will accompany you throughout the programme, which will speed up your procedures.

After the tests are given on an empty stomach, you can enjoy our breakfast presentation and continue your remaining applications.

Afterwards, unit visits are made with our patient counsellor for examinations and the results of your procedures are evaluated at the end of the day.


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