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Child Health and Diseases

Child Health and Diseases

Child Health and Diseases
Uninterrupted service is provided 24/7 in our hospital. Our hospital effectively provides development, follow-up and preventive health services for all children between the ages of 0-17. For the newborn period, the importance of breast milk, current vaccination follow-up, jaundice controls, height, weight, head circumference are monitored. The health status of children in the developmental age is monitored, and children who come with complaints of illness are treated with the most accurate method.

The main procedures performed in the Department of Child Health and Diseases are as follows;

    Healthy Child Follow-up
    Preventive Child Health Services
    Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Child Diseases
    Evaluation of Growth and Development
    Evaluation and Follow-up of Social and Psychological Development with Vaccination Practices and Patient Follow-up
    Creating and Monitoring Vaccination Programme
    Childhood Screenings
    Nutrition Education and Proper Nutrition Recommendations
    Family Education
    Deliveries under the supervision of a paediatrician
    Monitorisation and follow-up and treatment of neonatal diseases
    Child Emergency Intervention
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Childhood Epilepsy
    Neonatal Jaundice Follow-up, Phototherapy Treatment
    Neonatal Intensive Care Service
    Breastfeeding Counselling and Solution Suggestions for Breastfeeding Problems
    Our Neonatal Care Education services are provided to our patients using the latest, most accurate methods and modern technological tools and equipment approved by international medical authorities in their fields.

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