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General Information About Us

About Us
Private Yüzyıl Hospitals started to serve in Kocaeli Gebze in 1996 in order to provide our people with the quality and reliable health services they deserve and to provide them with a healthy and happy life.

In our hospital where advanced medical technologies are used; diagnosis and treatment units, a total of 5 operating theatres where all kinds of surgeries can be performed, 44 wards where special care services can be provided to each patient in single rooms, 21 Adult Intensive Care, 4 Chronary Intensive Care, 22 Neonatal Intensive Care and 21 Pediatric Intensive Care, with a total of 112 beds and 400 staff, it is aimed to provide the highest level of patient satisfaction.

In our hospitals, with our multidisciplinary treatment approach, all kinds of health services that may be needed in every period of life are fully equipped by all our branches. Our patients are treated by physicians trained in important health centres and specialised in specific treatments. Reliable diagnosis and treatment methods based on objective data and proven by scientific studies are applied by the expert physician staff of Yüzyıl Hospitals.

In our hospitals with successful clinical results; Services are provided in many branches, especially in Paediatric Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hand and Micro Surgery.

We are proud to have gained the trust and friendship of our patients over the years with the modern infrastructure of our hospital, our constantly renewed medical technology, our service understanding that prioritises comfort and quality, does not compromise ethical principles, and always friendly staff. We continue to add new ones to our services to be worthy of this friendship and trust.

We aim to be at your service for many more years with all our units for your health and happiness.

Mission To protect and improve the health of our people and to improve the quality of life.

Vision: To be among the reputable health institutions in our region that successfully apply preventive and curative health services together and contribute to the health of our people at the highest level.